SINCE 1989

OUR PRINCIPALITY OF WORK:Palash Engineering Works (PEW)

Our objects to introduce and sale promotion of quality products and render services to improve the performance of our client/customers and ultimate profitability of our Principal’s/ manufacturers business..

We could meet the buyer’s interest in improvement by making a long term commitment to quality to customers care.

We do its best efforts for marketing and introduction of the Principals/manufacturers products & services. In the co-operation and coordination of affairs of transactions, we make the best endeavors which are necessary to execute the contracts/ projects Principals/ manufacturer’s rights and benefits in these co-ordinations.

We provide render assistance to the Principals/ manufacturers in the buyers payment in due time and in accordance with the sale contracts to help Principal in receiving in due time the payment of the goods delivered.

We provide render assistance to the Principal/ manufacturers in settling amicably any dispute or differences which may arise between the Principal and the buyers under supervision of Principal.

We inform the Principal in due course about the changed circumstances whatsoever which relates to Principal business including : financial position of buyers, about the trade and exchange regulations referring to import of the corresponding goods, about customs duties, rates etc.

We provide assistance for Principals experts visiting the buyer’s territory from time to time and as well as buyers visit at Principals territory.

We provide technical and commercial assistance during contract period for solving any problem arising from time to time for successfully completion of achieved contracts.

Our achievement:
Palash Engineering Works

We achieved many defense contracts with Directorate General of Defence Purchase (DGDP) & other government sectors in Bangladesh and successfully implemented many projects in collaboration with our international partners.